Lean Manufacturing at Cirtech

The driving force behind Cirtech’s Lean Manufacturing initiative is to provide quality products while practicing continuous improvement that eliminates waste. Using the knowledge from our team of professionals, we solve complex problems and implement new ideas that aid in continuous improvement. We practice lean so we can create more value for all of our customers.



5S Visual Workplace

Implementing 5s activities is the foundation for Cirtech’s Lean initiative. Cirtech uses the following to maintain a 5s environment:

  • Daily 5 Minute 5S Activities
  • Weekly 5S Checklists
  • 5S Audits
  • Signs, Tape, and Labels For Visuals
  • FIFO Boards
  • Maintenance Checklists



Value Stream Mapping

Cirtech uses value stream mapping to evaluate our processes and identify where improvement is needed.

By analyzing our manufacturing and business processes, the team finds waste and non-value added activity.

The value stream maps are used to develop our continuous improvement plan.




Cirtech hosts kaizen events to implement “good change” in the work environment.

By implementing kaizen teams, everyone has a chance to voice their opinion and find ways to eliminate waste.

The team spends three days evaluating the current situation, creates a plan, and implements the plan to reach an ideal state.



Lean Training

Employees have received training from a highly experienced lean training staff, New Hampshire MEP, to guide them in their lean journey.

Cirtech also developed our own lean training program to teach and emphasize the importance of lean in all of our processes.