Circuit Technology’s Manufacturing Equipment

Process Resources

AEGIS System- Computer Aided Manufacturing and Documentation Control
iView Paperless Shop Floor Interface
Aptean Intuitive ERP System

Screen Printing

Ekra X5 Automatic Screen Printers With 2 ½ D Inspection Systems
OK Industries Screen Printers


Pemtron Troi-5700HL 3D In-line Solder Paste Inspection Systems

SMT Pick & Place

ASM- Siplace SX1 High Precision Automated Machine (01005 Capable)
ASM- Siplace SX2 High Precision Automated Machine (01005 Capable)


Vitronics Soltec XPM² Convection Oven
Vitronics Soltec XPM3i Convection Oven
SlimKic 2000 Thermal Profiler


Technical Devices Nu/Clean 824XLR-FB (Flood Box Technology)
Aqueous Technologies Ultrasonic Cleaner

Inspection / Rework Equipment

Dage XD7500VR X-Ray Inspection System
Mirtec MV-6 OMNI 3D AOI Vision Inspection System
PDR IR-XT5 BGA Rework System
Leica Wild M3Z Inspection Viewing System
Deltronic DVC-120 Video Comparator Measuring System
Mantis Vision Inspection Viewing System
Omega Meter Ionic Contamination testing System
Pace MBT De-Soldering Stations
OKI PCT 1000 Hot Air Repair Station

Wave Solder Resources

Electrovert Econopak II Wave Solder Machine
DDM Novastar GW-10A-HT Solder Fountain
Techno TOP-353 Solder Fountains

Hot Bar Soldering

Fancort PHM1-1

Selective Soldering

Nordson Cerno 103IL Selective Solder Machine


CTI Systems MR2B Router
CAB Maestro 3
CAB Maestro 2M
FKN N200
Tippmann Clicker 700, 7 Ton Press for Depanelizing

Electro-Mechanical Resources

Schleuniger UC3750 Sleeve, Tube and Wire Cutter
Arbor Press 1 ton
Arbor Press 2 ton
Hios Torque Limited Drivers
Kahnetics Air Operated Dispensing System
Schleuniger UniStrip 2015 Automatic Wire Stripper

Test Resources

Tektronix Oscilloscopes
BK Precision Power Supply
Condor Power Supply
Agilent Power Supplies
Fluke Precision Test Meters
Cirris Easy-Wire CR Cable Tester
Functional Test Systems