Electronic Manufacturing Capabilities

Quality, flexibility & customer satisfaction is the foundation of our assembly facility. We have a fully automated Surface Mount process as well as complete Through Hole soldering assembly capability that includes Selective & Wave solder.

Cirtech offers a complete line of electronic manufacturing services beyond basic circuit boards and electromechanical assemblies. We are experienced in the procurement and assembly of both flex and rigid-flex products.

The management team at Cirtech has unparalleled knowledge in all aspects of printed circuit assembly. With well over 150 years of combined experience our staff has seen an unprecedented paradigm shift in the industry that has helped us to evolve to what we are today.




Our Surface Mount process features equipment from the leaders in our industry. We feature EKRA stencil printing, Pemtron in-line solder paste inspection, Siemens SMT pick and place, Vitronics Soltec reflow ovens, Dage X-Ray, PDR (IR) BGA rework/repair station and Mirtec Automatic Optical Inspection. The selection of this equipment gives Cirtech the flexibility to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements, both in quality and on time delivery.

We have years of success working with BGA’s, uBGA’s, LGA’s, 0201 chips, fine-pitch components, as well as through-hole soldering and press-fit connectors. We do both RoHS and leaded soldering to IPC and J-STD specifications.

PCB Services

  • Quick-Turn PCB Prototype Assembly
  • New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • PCBA Design for Manufacturability Review (DFx)
  • Full Turnkey and/or Consignment
  • Automated Surface Mount Assembly
  • Manual Surface Mount Capability
  • Flex and Rigid-Flex Assembly
  • RF Assemblies
  • Electromechanical Assembly
  • System Assembly
  • Repair Depot
  • Functional Testing
  • Test Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics
  • Passive discrete packages down to 0201
  • BGA, Micro BGA and 2011 LGA Socket Assembly and Rework
  • PCB Repair
  • AOI and X-Ray
  • Rohs and Leaded Components and Manufacturing
  • Selective and Wave Soldering
  • Aqueous, No-Clean and RMA Chemistries
  • Press Fit Connectors
  • Epoxy, RTV and Potting
  • Conformal Coating