“Our mission is to supply the highest level of service, quality, and reliability in the electronic contract manufacturing industry while focusing on customer satisfaction and partnerships that endure”

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- Quick-turn
- New Product Introduction (NPI)
- Turnkey or Consigned
- Flexibility
- Hand build or Machine
- Design Assistance


- Low to Medium Volume
- Full X-RAY capability
- 100% Automated Optical Inspection
- 100% Solder Paste Inspection
- Electrical Test


- Supply Chain Management
- DFM/DFA (Design for Manufacture & Assembly)
- OEM Corporate Agreements
- Logistics Support
- Anti-Counterfeit
- Volume Discounts

Our Commitment to our Customers

Cirtech is committed to delivering flawless electronic contract manufacturing solutions to our customers through manufacturing engineering expertise, dedication to quality, and strong financial position. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, responsiveness and the ability to listen and meet our customer’s needs. This also includes exceptional customer service and performance. The strength of our customer relationships is our commitment to clear communication and collaboration in the manufacturing process.

Long-Term Customer Relationships

We have exceptionally long standing customer relationships, some over 20 years, which have been established and fortified through exceptional customer service and unprecedented quality.

Rapid Lead-Times and High Quality

Cirtech has differentiated itself from its competitors with turnaround times much faster than industry norms. In addition, our company is known for its high reliability and industry leading minimum defect levels.

End-Market Focus

Our expertise with fast turn and complex printed circuit boards has resulted in an end-market focus that places high value on technical expertise, quality, and rapid delivery with focuses on Military, Alternative Energy, Test & Measurement, and Commercial industries.


Cirtech’s state of the art design and emphasis on high-quality manufacturing capabilities for both SMT and Through Hole PCBs use networked, high speed pick & place machines with 40,000 part per hour placement capability. Our capabilities include double sided PCB assembly, 0201 placements, Ball Grid Array (BGA) or Micro BGA placement in production and reflow, and full BGA rework capability.

Financial Strength

We have been a financially strong and independent company for nearly 30 years. Cirtech continues to show steady sales growth and profitability which has allowed us to reinvest in additional manufacturing equipment and technological resources. This financial stability will also allow us to support your turnkey supply chain needs.

About Us

When we opened our doors in Merrimack, New Hampshire in 1984, the objective of Circuit Technology Incorporated a.k.a. “Cirtech” was to provide superior quality, cost effective services with customer satisfaction being paramount. Many of our competitors have come and gone, however our privately owned company has continued to build strong, long-term customer relationships while maintaining a solid financial position.

Cirtech is here to stay. It’s as true today as it was nearly 30 years ago. We stand steadfastly behind our products and services, delivering the highest quality, on-time, cost effective solutions for our customers.

Imagine Cirtech as an outsourced extension of your engineering and manufacturing departments, Cirtech will work with your engineers to integrate their ideas into reality; our electronic manufacturing capabilities are an extension of your manufacturing capabilities – giving you a competitive edge. Let Cirtech become your partner in success from printed circuit board design support to prototypes, procurement, and full production assembly. Our customer’s success is our ambition and our passion, our customer’s success is our success!